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This Old Cowgirl Podcast Episode 004

Legacy: It’s Not What You Think!

Legacy.  What exactly is it?  It’s probably not what you think!  Today I give 6 reasons why Legacy Matters, and find out the #1 reason I think it’s so important and how you can easily implement this with your children.

In this episode, I mention how Dad was born with one leg shorter than the other, and the surgery he had to undergo with steel plates being put into his good leg at age 10.  Wow.   He always had to have a build up on his left shoe of about an inch.  Here is a pic of his shoe from when he was probably 2 years old.  I never saw these shoes until Mom had gotten them out when we were planning his Memorial service.

This is the last pair of boots he wore. As you can see the left one has a build up.  These boots are in the back porch where I can see them every single day as a reminder of how hard he worked every day on this farm in spite of his physical pain & discomfort.