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2019 has been a terrible, devastaing, frustrating year for our farmers.   The news has been filled over and over with stories of floods, snow, hail, wind, fires, blizzards, impacting crops and cattle. Farmers are stretched to their max physically, emotionally and financially.

I wish there was something miraculous & grand that I could do to help.   BUT…I can help take a little Christmas shopping pressure off for 6 families!

This Old Cowgirl is having a 6 weeks of Christmas Giveaway

starting Tuesday Nov 5th!

There will be gifts for kids as well as adults and a family gift too! Hopefully each weeks gift won will bless a struggling farm family.  Some prizes can be split into 1 or 2 gifts!

Watch for each weeks chance to enter & tell a friend!

(NOTE: Open to residents of US only)